Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beach 2014

Ok, January 22nd 2014 I started on my journey towards being summer fit. Luckily I have a good starting point. On day 1 I weighed about 86kg. I'm not too good at knowing my fat percentage, so I have to take a body test. Fortunately my brother-in-law Ronald has access to one of those test machines, so I get to do it for free! Wohoo! That feels like a win, since a test here in Norway usually costs about 500 NOK ($80).

I must admit that I feel like a bit of a poser douche when I take these photos. As you can see, my mustache was only present on the day 1 pictures. :-(

First step in my diet is actually just to stop with the weight gainer. The gainer I took was about 500kcal, so just quitting this should theoretically make me lose about 0.5kg fat a week (1kg fat = 7.000kcal). I've been focusing on protein intake the last few days, and will continue to do so onwards.

I still have some way to go with regards to selfies of my back. I just kept getting the side of my head in the picture. In the right picture above I have attached the Sony DSC-QX100 lens style camera to my phone. Works quite well, and creates great images. A bit clunky though. More on that camera later.

Ready or not, 'Beach 2014' here I come!

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