Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sledding with Matheo

Yesterday Matheo and I went sledding just down the street from where we live. Milla stayed inside taking a bath. Sometimes it's good to spend time with just one of the kids alone. We had a real blast! Matheo couldn't stop laughing the first time we went down the hill.

After the first trip Matheo took full control over the steering, meaning; he did all that was in his power to make me fall off the back of the sled. He succeeded, big time! I fell off the sled time after time, and the last time I fell off I took half of the plastic seat with me.

I managed to sneak in some interval training as well. Matheo and I raced to the top a couple of times, and after that I pulled the slead while he sat on it. I ran up the hill with Matheo and the sled as fast as I could. but it was really tough. Those last few meters to the top were a real pain. And then I found out Matheo physically stood on top of the brakes, laughing so hard. No wonder it was tough, but then again, I could feel it in my legs when we were done with a few more of those runs.

Conclusion: awesome time with son + good interval training!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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