Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Krav Maga

I have been learning the Israeli self-defense technique, called Krav Maga, for the past 4 years. Krav Maga is a no compromise self-defense system, meaning everything is allowed. Since Krav Maga is only used for self-defense, and is not a sport, you are allowed and encouraged to hit/grab/kick in the groin/balls, throat and eyes! This is almost half of the fun with Krav Maga. :-P

Krav Maga focuses on techniques that uses the body's own natural reflexes. The blocks are big, and the hits are focused and direct. You will not find any fancy grapples or take-downs in this system, but you will find simple and effective techniques. Blocks and counter-attacks are in the same move. There's focus on momentum and moving forward. And you will always want to find ways to control the situation, for example by screaming, distracting or attacking first.

Krav Maga's passive fighting stance
We learn several different techniques for handling stress and pain. A challenge might be to go around in the room and try to punch people in the shoulders or the groin, when suddenly the lights get switched off. Another one might be that you are five in a group, one stands in the middle and gets punched and kicked over the whole body by the other four, while only being allowed to defend his/her own face. It hurts and it's difficult, but it gets easier over time. After a while you actually start to manage the stress and the pain, and can think through the situation.

Scenario training is important in Krav Maga. We learn how to handle many different situations, and practice how to solve them. The situations might be: 2 against 1, 3 against 1, person with knife, person with gun, person with rod/bat, one person holding you another one trying to stab you with a knife and so forth. This gives us fairly realistic training, and make us better at facing these difficult scenarios in real life.

There is however one solution to every dangerous problem and situation we face that must always be considered, and preferably used: Running away! It by far the safest and best solution in most conflict situations, and everybody knows how to use it!

Although I am pictured here with a Gi and a belt, many Krav Maga associations use different outfits, or none at all. Since Krav Maga is a self defense system and not a sport, there is no universal grading system. Most associations do however include a belt or patch system to help students feel that they are increasing in knowledge and skill.

If you live in the Oslo region and you're interested in testing out Krav Maga, check out:

The video below shows a lot of the principles in Krav Maga. Enjoy!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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