Sunday, February 23, 2014

Matheo Storm finally 6 years old + curling

"Finally I'm a really big boy" he exclaimed on his birthday! On Saturday the 22nd of February Matheo turned from five to six years old. We started the day with a birthday song and some presents, and Matheo finally got the RC car he's wanted for a long long time. Liv-Kristin made pancakes and smoothies for breakfast, since that was what the birthday boy wanted. After the great breakfast we went to the gym, and I had the most tiresome leg workout ever! You could say I wasn't exactly full of energy. I played Battlefield 4 a bit too late the day before... It's so tough to stop when you're having fun with friends.

When we cam home again from the gym, Matheo dressed up as a cowboy, and Milla and Nora dressed up as a ballerina and a princess respectively. A total of 14 kids came to the party, and we enjoyed hot dogs and pizzas.

Matheo read one of Liv-Kristin's cake magazines, and he found a monster cake he loved. Liv-Kristin loves to bake, so she made it with her own twist.

What's a party without the obligatory Cookie Monster cup cakes?!

A few years ago I worked at Sony Center. Once a year we went and played curling together. Even though Sony Center is no more, we still keep the tradition alive.

Thomas Andersen is ridiculously photogenic!

Torkil Ravem found his best pajamas for the occasion. 

Our instructor for the day

Me after our loss. Not too concerned...

Our team lost big time, but it didn't really matter since we had a blast playing curling.

No more excuses! Push push push!

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