Thursday, February 13, 2014

Excersise Instructions: Seated Calf Raise

So where does it show the most that you have skipped leg days? I would say the calves, they're usually the only part that shows when you wear shorts. You do not want to end up like the guy in the picture below.

Seated calf raise is a good exercise to isolate the calves. It is really easy to do. Just sit on the machine and place your toes on the platform, making sure you have your heels extended off. Place the thighs under the lever pad. Some machines have handles to make it easier to pull the weight up, in order to start and stop the exercise. Push your heels up and release the safety bar. This is the starting position. Start the exercise by lowering your heels, bending them at the ankles. Make sure that you stretch the calves fully. Then end the exercise by raising you heels as high as possible.

It is an easy machine to use, and you can quite easily put on quite a lot of weight. We use our calves a lot every day, so it is quite difficult to overtrain them. Currently I use this machine at the end of my leg routine. I try to do 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions. Doing this exercise to exhaustion will make you look really funny when trying to stand up afterwards. :-)

Try the exercise for yourself, and check out if it helps you make those calves thicker!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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