Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sledding down Ekebergparken

After I had been to the gym on Saturday morning, the whole family went to Ekebergparken. This park is supposedly the world's only 'female sculpture park'. Liv-Kristin has wanted to see the park for some time now, so by pure luck we ended up in the park while searching for an awesome hill to go sledding down.

We found a map over the park, which helped a lot in navigating the park (i.e. finding where we wanted to go sledding). After strolling around for a while we found a couple of statues and monuments. 

The Bjerkøe family next to 'Konkavt Ansikt' by Hilde Mæhlum

Me and Matheo together with 'Walking Woman' by Sean Henry

Milla testing the 'Möbius Trippel' by Aase Texmon-Rygh
So now you've seen the Bjerkøe family at it's cultural maximum. Although I might not understand all of the sculptures, or the meanings behind them, I still find that looking at them gives me some sort of pleasure. 

We didn't find any great hills to sled down, but we did find an awesome and long walkway to powersled through. We scared the crap out of a few dog owners, and one of them actually spoke to Liv-Kristin and told her that the Ekebergparken was no place to go sledding. I beg to differ! :-)

Needless to say, we had a blast sledding down the walkways. Matheo tried by himself at the end, and he went down crazy-fast. But pulling the kids on the sled all day, and going up the hill time and time again sure drained all of the energy out of me (plus workout in the morning). I'm definitely counting this as a cardio workout. Awesome win! 

Milla and Liv-Kristin at Ekebergparken

Matheo with his sled

No more excuses! Push push push!

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