Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trip to Sony HQ in Weybridge England + nature pics

In case of drowning, pose like Usain Bolt! 
Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I got to travel to Sony HQ in Weybridge England. A couple times a year Sony arranges a training seminar for all employees that deal with Digital Imaging (DI). In other words, I got to spend two days in a seminar room looking at powerpoints... :-P 

Scroll down to see my little summary of the trip. 

The trip started early Tuesday morning, and luckily the flight was on time. I really hate delayed flights, probably because it happens a bit too often to me.

Kevin is our RSS camera specialist. 

Runar is responsible for the photo channel in Norway

I'm not quite sure who this douche is...

The Sony HQ building looks quite nice, and is really huge. It houses both the UK HQ and the European HQ, so they need quite a bit of space.

If I have any young readers, please note that this is how work life is on seminars. Powerpoints powerpoints and powerpoints... It never ends...

Having fun Kevin?

It's good to know that a bluescreen can be used for something useful. :-P

At the end of the seminar we got to go out and test a few of the cameras, and try to be a bit artistic. I haven't really been out taking pictures just for the fun of it before, and I can see that I have a bit to learn. None the less, it was fun being outside trying to find something decent to take pictures of.

The seminar leader had a quadrocopter that we got to test the tracking focus on. It worked! 

The local bus stop shed was painted like this.

Mette is product manager for system cameras in the Nordics. Peace! 


Have you ever seen such a beautiful Nissan before?


You will drown here!

Nobody strikes a pose like Runar trying to take pictures! 

Pine tree

Something something

Just in case you need some water

We ended up eating sushi on the way home. All guys eat at least two boxes of sushi! 

Good bye Heathrow! 

We were actually so lucky that we got to spend almost two extra hours inside the plane, because of some technical problem. How I love delayed flights! Unfortunately we were not home before one o'clock at night. 

Did I get to exercise on the trip? Of course I did! 

I even broke gym rules by taking a picture! :-P

No more excuses! Push push push! 

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