Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Fun Time With The Family + Squats with Ronald Judson


Matheo, Milla and I usually go to the gym Saturday mornings. This Saturday it was a bit different, because we got an early phone call from Ole-Andreas (brother-in-law), where he asked if we wanted to join the rest of the family for a walk at Alby (near Moss). The weather was awesome, so it was impossible to say no.

Finn-Christian and Milla at Alby

Matheo at Alby

Although it was quite icy, it was a really nice walk. Most of the family showed up, and after the walk we were invited to Camilla (sister-in-law) for waffles. I then saw an opportunity to do something a bit more healthy, so I joined Ronald (brother-in-law) at EVO in Moss.

Ronald doing squats

Richard doing squats at EVO Moss

Saturday is leg day, and you don't skip leg day! Ronald also focused on legs, so we did some squats. Since the family was waiting I did just a quick session at the gym, but I did find time to do a body analysis. I currently have 11,4% body fat, which is quite good for me at this time of the year. A deeper analysis of this test will come later.

Milla and Liv-Kristin petting the horse

After picking up the family from waffles we went to a nearby farm to say hi to some animals. Milla enjoyed petting the little horse, and we also got to see goats, sheep and chickens.


Ole-Andreas making pizza

Later in the evening we went to Ole-Andreas, Jenny, Sverre and Sofie for homemade pizza and relaxation. It had been a long day, and we were all really tired.

Milla and Grandma

Grandpa Arne

Sunday is the one day of the week where I truly relax and recuperate. No gym or workout! This Sunday was 'Mother's Day' in Norway, so the kids and I made some drawings for Liv-Kristin and tried to wake her up nicely. We went to church, and after that we had dinner together with Arne and Liv-Jorunn (father- and mother-in-law). Moose steak was for dinner, and it was great!

Moose steak


What can we learn from this weekend? There's almost always time for exercise

No more excuses! Push push push!

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