Saturday, February 1, 2014

Workout day 11: Leg day together with Oddmar

Saturdays are tough. It's THE day of the week I dread the most. Why? The answer is simple: heavy leg day. I focus on legs two days a week, one with light weights (8-12 repetitions) and one with heavy weights (4-6 repetitions).

A good friend of mine, Oddmar, joined me in the gym today. I usually workout alone, so it was nice to have someone to push and getting pushed by!

Today's workout consisted of quite a few exercises, but we used super sets on some, and lower power on others. A couple of weeks ago I almost got a serious back problem during leg presses. By accident the weights came too low, and my back started to bend instead of being straight. Not good! I'm still a bit sore after this, so for a period now I use lower weights on all exercises that directly involve the back.

Leg routine of the day:
Squats (lower weight because of my back)
Leg presses
Standing leg presses
Leg extension
Romanian deadlifts (lower weight because of my back)
Nordic hamstring
Standing calf raise (superset with a stomach exercise)
Sitting calf raise (superset with dumbbell shrugs)

Fortunately I don't see big tough guys with skinny legs too often, but it does happen. You do not want to be that person. The legs might look OK from your point of view (from the top of your own body), but you will fool no one else with those skinny legs.

Key message of today: Do not skip leg days! Powerful legs are awesome!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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