Monday, February 3, 2014

Workout day 13: Back and shoulders

On Mondays I usually make my back and shoulders bleed. Today was definitely no exception. The workout routine consisted of the following exercises:

Bent over row
Rack chins
Seated cable row
Dumbbell rows
'Hammestrength' pulldowns
Standing dumbbell presses
Seated biceps curls
Reverse flyes
Standing weighted side ab crunches
Side lateral raises with dumbbells
Standing biceps curls - barbell

Side lateral raises with dumbbells

As you can see, I have also included a bit of abs and biceps as super-sets between the shoulder exercises. I like to keep my heart pounding really heavy during workouts, so I love super-sets.

Most people remember to include most of the back in their workout, but do they remember to include shoulders? Although you use your shoulders during various benchpress/chest exercises, I think it is important to do a couple of isolation exercises as well. You want those big wide shoulders. They make you look awesome!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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