Friday, February 7, 2014

Workout day 17: Back workout with Dan Holm

Today I worked out for the first time with a new gym-friend of mine, Dan Holm. He is a big buff guy, and even competed in bodybuilding a few years back. We decided to focus on the back today, and really push our limits. I usually workout alone during the week, so this was a nice change.

We warmed up on the elliptical, and then went on to 'close grip pulldown'. After that we did 'standing barbell row'. I went a bit heavier than I usually do (had to be tough today!). Dan was really good at pushing those last reps out of me, and he also forced me to do drop-sets. The last two exercises we did together was 'Hammestrength pulldown' and 'seated low-row'.

Dan Holm doing the 'Hammestrength pulldown'
Dan focused a lot on having constant contact with the muscles you exercised. There was no room for relaxation or long breaks. I usually have fairly short and controlled breaks, but today I was still out of breath when it was time to do the next set. I could feel that I wasn't used to getting help with the last couple of reps, which totally exhausted me.

After that we split up, and I finished with sets on chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Full upper body workout today.

Today's workout:

Close grip pulldown 3x12
Standing barbell row 3x10
Hammestrength pulldown 3x12
Seated low row 3x10

Incline bench press 3x8
Bench press 3x8
Standing shoulder press barbell 3x10

Hammercurl 3x10 (superset)
Tricepsextension 3x10 (superset)
Bicepscurl wire 3x12 (superset)
Tricepsextension wire 3x12 (superset)

No more exuses! Push push push!

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