Saturday, February 15, 2014

Workout with Nils Fredrik Andersen and Dead Snow 2 movie premiere

Me with a Nazi-Zombie!

Nils Fredrik has built quite a bit of muscle the last year, and has gotten real passionate about exercising. We try to work out together at least once a month, and this time we tried Elixia Colosseum. We usually go to his gym, 24Fitness, but he had a free visitors pass for Elixia this time.

Elixia Colosseum is a large and really well equipped gym, with most of the machines and dumbbells you could ever need. We decided to do an upper-body workout this day. The routine included the following exercises:

Benchpress dumbbell
Incline benchpress dumbbell
Hammestrenght chest press
Flyes dumbbell
Bent over row
Bicep curl EZ bar
Skull crusher
Bicep curl dumbbell
Triceps extension
Bicep curl cable
Triceps extension cable

Struggling with the bent over row

Nils Fredrik doing bicep curls with the EZ bar

Trying so hard to look tough...

We attended the premiere of the Norwegian nazi-zombie horror movie 'Dead Snow 2'. Since it was the premiere, the red carpet was rolled out and a live zombie was in place. He really scared the crap out of a few of the movie goers, including Nils! Before the movie started the director, Tommy Wirkola, and a few of the actors came on stage to introduce the film. We even got invited to the after-party, but since it was a Wednesday we had to pass...

Tommy Wirkola and a few of the actors

Both Nils Fredrik and I loved the movie. We are both big fans of the first movie, and luckily this second one didn't disappoint! It's the perfect movie for all fans of Evil Dead, and splatter comedies. Check out the trailer below!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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