Thursday, March 27, 2014

My 31st birthday - picture diary

This Tuesday I got one step closer to 40. I turned 31, and it was a nice B-day! When you grow older the priorities for what you look forward to at your birthday changes. Before: presents. Now: kids waking me up with the birthday song. And I can tell you that it was just as awesome for me as I imagined.

It started with me sleeping. In case you are wondering, this is me sleeping. Why do I look like Waldo, you say? Well... I get really really super cold when I sleep, so I need to use a sweater at night! I know, weird right?

Both Milla and Matheo jumped in bed with flags and hugged me.

I can now see why Liv-Kristin find me unresistable! I got a nice beard trimmer and some clothes bougth at KAOS. You should check the place out! 

For breakfast, Liv-Kristin and the kids prepared eggs, bacon and smoothies.

Nothing is as good as smoothie in the morning.

I had kindly asked Liv-Kristin to make some cake I could bring to work that day. She made the best banana and chocolate cupcakes ever! If you want to try to make them yourself, check out the recipe at

For lunch, I went to Lysaker brygge. The weather was awesome, and you could feel spring coming!

A good friend of mine, Jim Riaz, bought me lunch and we had a blast.

When I came back to the office, somebody had smashed my signed Satyricon poster. Well, they hadn't really smashed it, it kinda fell on the ground. But the framing did break, and the glass flew all over the place. Luckily the cleaning guy smashed the big pieces of glass and took it with him.

Even is leaving Sony, so we're putting him in charge of doing all of the practical and crap work in the office. Tuesday he got to wall-mount a TV. Since he is just as practical as me, he couldn't manage it. :-)

All, but one, got eaten!

Since it was my B-day, I decided to treat myself with a trip to the gym. I don't usually exercise in the afternoons, so I was not prepared for the massive invasion of teenagers. The gym was practically unusable since every dumbbell was taken, and all of the machines were in use by someone. Mornings are definitely better. After the gym, I had to spend a few hours in meetings in church, so when I got home it felt really good.

Liv-Kristin was home to greet me with a smile,

and even the upcoming member of the family joined the party.

It was a good birthday! :-)

No more excuses! Push push push!

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