Thursday, April 17, 2014

Matheo the pirate. Argh!

Ahoy! We have just gotten a pirate in t' family! Argh!! Well, in the picture above he is a happy pirate at least. You can also probably tell that he is not a pirate by choice either.

It started in the kindergarten a couple of days ago. They called and said Matheo's eye had swollen up, and it itched terribly. They had washed the eye a couple of times and checked to see if there was anything in it, but they couldn't see anything.

We picked him up early and brought him home, but he didn't get any better during the day. Since it was after hours at the doctors office, we had to call Legevakten (the local emergency room) to see if we should bring him in for a check. Since there was a chance that there was something in his eye that could possibly scratch up the corneal, they thought it would be smart to take him there.

Off to the emergency room we went. Matheo kept his spirit up, but he kept rubbing his eye, so it was quite sore. 

Here we are in front of the emergency room. When you have kids, this is a place you really get to know! :-P

One thing you have to get used to when visiting the emergency room is waiting. A lot of waiting. We weren't exactly a prioritized case, so we had to wait about three hours. Luckily I remembered to bring Matheo's tablet, so time went by pretty quick. 

When we eventually got in, the doctor check his eye thoroughly. She quickly found a small little speck of sand in the inner corners of his eyelid. After a little bit of struggling and encouraging, the doctor managed to get the speck out. As you can see at the tip of the arrow shaped q-tip, that piece of sand is so small, but yet it created so much fuss in Matheo's eye. 

A true hero always gets a lollipop! Matheo got some balm on his eye and a patch to help it heal faster. The day after, everything was perfect again in the eye!

You be a true hero me little bucko! Yarr!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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