Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to the family Timmy Sebastian Bjerkøe

The last two weeks have been really eventful! We have actually gotten a little baby son, and we feel truly blessed! We recently concluded that his name will be Timmy Sebastian Bjerkøe.

So, welcome to the family Timmy!

It did however take a few days for Timmy to enter the world. It started Thursday the 3rd of April.

Liv-Kristin wasn't feeling too well, but she had an appointment with her midwife. She checked her, and they concluded that she should do another check-up at the hospital. Matheo and Milla were both born at Ullevål Sykehus, but Timmy was born at Ahus. Why, you might ask? Well, Ahus still offers nitrous oxide (lystgass), and Ullevål doesn't. Nitrous oxide is a pain reliever that Liv-Kristin appreciates while giving birth, so the choice of hospital was therefore obvious.

At Ahus they diagnosed Liv-Kristin with preeclampsia (svangerskapsforgiftning), so they needed to keep her under observation. It was not very serious, but they weren't comfortable with sending her home either.

Fortunately, Liv-Kristin managed to keep her spirit up. They measured the baby, and he was already over 3.5kg at that time, and we were hoping that they would just initiate the birth. But, we weren't the only ones in the hospital having babies, so we had to wait.

Milla, Matheo and I came over to visit on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They loved it, because then they got hamburgers and fries, and got to play at the nice hospital playground. 

But finally, on Saturday things started to change. She got into labor and started getting contractions. The nurses monitored the baby's heartbeat quite often, and I needed the obligatory selfie. 

Then at 19.35 the 5th of April little Timmy came into our world. He looked a bit like a smurf in the beginning, but after a few minutes he got a nice skin color. The birth went really well for both Liv-Kristin and Timmy, and only took about 1,5 hours in total.

He weighed as much as 3.6kg, and that was even two weeks before the due date. Fortunately Liv-Kristin didn't have to wait too long this time. 

Proud is an understatement. I've started crying at all my kids' births. It's an overwhelming feeling to see your child for the first time. The relief, love and happiness is enormous. I started crying the first time I held him as well. It's incredible how much you can love a little person like this, and you've only just met him! ;-)

Here he is. Brand spanking new and adorable. 

This picture depicts what Timmy does most of the day. Sleep.

And sleep.

The doctor checked him, and he was a perfectly healthy little kid, and we feel very fortunate.

Matheo is one proud older brother. He cannot stop talking about Timmy, and he loves to hold him and just look at him. 

As these two first attempts at a family picture shows, Milla was a bit more skeptical to Timmy than Matheo.

But she loosened up a bit after a while. Now she also enjoys his company, although she doesn't like his screaming at all. 

A happy, but tired couple with a new baby. 

Grandma came to visit. Liv Jorunn was also very proud, since Timmy is her 13th grandchild! 

Grandpa also enjoyed the company of Timmy, although he would rather have him named Arne. :-)

Then finally, the last Grandpa also came to visit. It's his 5th grandchild. Super proud. 

All this visiting was very tiring. So I joined in to sleep. Fortunately for Timmy, he doesn't look as retarded as me when he sleeps. 

He is so small there in the corner!

I feel truly grateful and blessed for having another (and final) baby! Thank you for coming down to our family Timmy!

Have I managed to find the time and energy to work out, you might ask yourself. Of course I have, but that's for another post!

No more excuses! Push push push! (That's what I told Liv-Kristin when she was in labor!)

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