Saturday, May 31, 2014

A trip to the beach and fishing with Matheo

If there is one thing in life that I cannot get enough of, it's the summer! I love the hot air, the warmth from the sun, walking barefoot in the grass and just chilling at the beach. I never get tired of it, and I wish it was summer all year long. I've shared this with a few people, but they claim that if you had summer all year long you'd miss the seasons! I call bull crap! From 2002-2004 I lived in Los Angeles, which pretty much only has summers. Didn't miss any seasons at all, it was just amazing all year long.

So now, when the summer has finally reached us up in the cold north, I spend as much time as I can outside. After work yesterday, the whole family went to the local beach (Hvervenbukta).

Milla looks so cute with swimming goggles

Matheo flexing
We took the kids right to the beach after kindergarten. Liv-Kristin had made pizza, so we ate our dinner at the beach. Milla and Matheo both played a lot in the sand, as well as in the water. Even I went for a swim, and it wasn't too bad. It was actually quite nice.

Milla and Timmy chilling at the beach

Timmy chillin' under the umbrella

Timmy looks so small and funny under the umbrella

Trying to smile naturally...

My two beautiful kids and me at the beach

Today Matheo, Finn-Christian and I went fishing at the local lake in Moss (Vannsjø). Matheo has asked if we could go fishing every day now, for about two weeks. Fortunately Matheo and I got all the fishing equipment we needed from Besse (Grandpa) last year, so we were well prepared.

Matheo carrying all of the equipment

We found our spot right behind the local sports hall (Mossehallen) and started fishing. Matheo has now gotten a real hold on how to use the fishing rod. After a little bit of instruction and a couple of tries, he managed to do everything by himself.

Matheo thought it was a lot of fun, but he was really disappointed about us not getting any fish. I've tried to tell him, fishing with dad equals no fish! I haven't gotten a fish in 15 years now, but I have had many nice and tranquil hours. I should probably read up a bit on fishing...

After the fishing we went to the city beach in Moss (Sjøbadet) and went for a swim. It was quite a lot colder than back home, but it felt good to cool off.

The local meteorologists have predicted it will be awesome weather for at least another week! Man, I love the summer!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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