Friday, May 2, 2014

Family Visit to the Geological Museum and Botanical Garden

Matheo and Milla has recently got this thing for rocks. They collect rocks in every size and shape, but they prefer what they think is marble. Every white, see-through or shiny rock is marble to them. This enthusiasm for "marble" leads to them always having their pockets full of rocks, drawers full of rocks and bags full of rocks.

Since they are so facinated by these rocks, we decided to go to the geological museum at Tøyen (Botanisk Hage).

The geological museum does not only contain rocks, it also has lots of other stuff found in the ground. Above you can see a human skull, and several types of monkey and gorilla skulls.

The museum also has the most complete fossil of a super old monkey. They've called the fossil and monkey for Ida. I saw prints of this monkey all around town a couple of years ago, and I imagined that the fossil was huge. It's not. It's actually quite small. 

And this is how Ida supposedly looked all those years ago. She's really cool!

After a while we found the precious rocks. We found gold! Matheo had great problems containing all of his excitement.

Every time Matheo found something that he thought was really awesome, he fell to the ground like a healed baptist. "It's so amazing that I'm fainting out of excitement!". Milla, of course, joined the party, so they ended up falling to the ground every two meters. It was hilarious.

There is also a zoological museum right next door to the geological museum. There we found wolves and all other types of stuffed animals. 

They also had a special exhibition with harmful insects and animals. On the picture above you can read about a crayfish that replaces the tongue of a fish. Pretty freaky! 

And this is a malaria carrying mosquito enlarged 60 times.

We tried to get the kids to pose a bit in the botanical garden. As you can see, Matheo has this 'special' smile. That tongue is literally everywhere, in all of our pictures!

A little selfie of the wifey and me.

Timmy was also along for the ride, but he didn't think too much of the museums. He's much more interested in the regular food servings.

We also found Liv-Kristin's favorite flower; the famous Fritillaria Meleagris.

Milla also made a new friend at the botanical garden!

All in all it was a really great day! If you're in Oslo you should make a visit to the botanical garden. If you live somewhere else, there's probably a similar place close to you that you can visit.

No more excuses! Push push push!

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