Monday, May 26, 2014

Krav Maga Seminar - Second Grade Brown Belt Achieved!

I've been practicing Krav Maga for a few years now, and every once in a while we get to grade and get a new belt or stripe. About twice a year we have seminars were this happens, and last Saturday there was a seminar in Hurum. I've had the first grade in the brown belt for a year now, so it was about time to get up to the second grade.

This seminar started with what was practically a regular Thursday training. We spent an hour and a half practicing basic techniques. This consisted of movement training, block and counter, some kicks, and we also did some knife defense at the end. In this part of the training we team up two and two and practice on each other. It was familiar and nice, and was a good warm-up for the day.

We then had a small lunch before the madness started again. Unfortunately the awesome BBQ from last year was replaced with nothing. I expected a huge lunch, so I was a bit disappointed. Fortunately I had a few protein bars in the car, so I survived.

We then divided up in four, and had half an hour workshops with different techniques. My group started out with pistol defense. Although guns are not that common in Norway, you never know what you might encounter!

Here you can see our instructor Knut show one of the solutions to a gun encounter. Unfortunately the pictures do not show the punch in the face or kick in the balls that we also do.
The Krav Maga fighting stance looks very casual. It's part of the technique to surprise the enemy. 

Knives are probably the worst thing you can encounter. Knife defense is therefore a very important part of the Krav Maga training. 

After the two hours of workshops, it was time for the grading. The grading is pretty similar to a regular training, were we pair up two and two or three and three and go through different scenarios. But after all those hours of kicking and punching each other, I was dead tired. Fortunately I wasn't as dead as a few of the others, so I managed pretty well. All the way at the end, we took off our belts, put them around our stomachs and had a guy holding us back while we had a two minute round of sparring. It was so tough that a few of the guys had to go and throw up! The guy with the mowhawk in the picture above was one of them! Go Ronny! Don't mind the terrible kick though... :-P

At the end I got the diploma and the stripe that made it all worth it. I now hold a second grad brown belt in Krav Maga Norge! It feels pretty awesome!

No more excuses! Push push push!

Sondre and Ivar getting ready to kick some butt! 

Stefan before the madness started.

The duct tape on the shoulder showed that I was grading that day. 

Morten is one of the two main trainers in Oslo Krav Maga.

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