Sunday, May 4, 2014

No More Excuses! You Have Enough Time to Work Out!

When I start to take about working out with new people, they always ask me how often I work out. My answer is 'between five and seven times a week'. 'Really?!' they reply. 'I cannot even find time to work out even once a week!' I call BS (or bull crap for the younger generation)!

I firmly believe that everybody has time to work out at least two times a week. Yup! Absolutely everybody! Of course there are the once in a while crazy weeks, but on a regular basis everybody has the time to work out frequently. The thing is, a workout doesn't have to be two to three hours in a gym, you can do 30 minutes at home, or go out and run for 45 minutes. Do some intense interval training and you're done in about 20 minutes.

The thing is, I suspect most of the people who say they do not have time to work out, just prioritize other stuff. And this 'stuff' is most likely TV-series, movies, Facebook, other social medias, clueless Internet surfing etc. What I'm saying is, whether you like it or not, you are probably spending too much time in front of some kind of screen (TV, computer, phone).

The other day I tested a website that lets you enter TV-series you have seen and it calculates the time you have spent watching them. For quite a lot of people the number of hours will easily go into years, which is the case with several friends of mine. I clocked in a total of 35 days (840 hours) of TV-series the last 10 years. This averages about 15 minutes a day. Of course this number is too low, since I did not enter the random TV-watching I have had, only the regular shows. I also did not include movies I have watched. Although I actually think 35 days of TV is a lot, I am not worried about the number. I have my TV habits under control. But, you should try it for yourself! Check it out at:

I have a really busy life, and I could easily have said that there is no time for exercising. I have three kids, a wife, a really demanding job, a demanding and time consuming church role, a social life I want to maintain, and a PS4 that wants some playtime. But, even with all of this I manage to work out 5 to 7 times a week. In order to do this I practically do not watch TV. I wake up at 05.30 every day and go to bed at 21.30!

I know that I work out crazy much, and that most people do not need this, but my point is not to use lack of time as an excuse for not working out! You have the time, just prioritize!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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