Monday, May 19, 2014

The 17th of May - What an Awesome day!

The Bjerkøe Family
The 17th of May is the Norwegian Constitution Day and is the national day of Norway. This year we celebrated that it was 200 years since the constitution was signed, and what a party it was. Every year people gather together in the streets and watch the children walk in parades. Everybody is dressed up, and this is the only day in the year when Norwegians open up and you can get to know strangers.

Our celebration started the day before when the kids walked in the kindergarten parade.

Since Matheo is a 'school starter' in the kindergarten, he got to go all the way in the front in the parade! 

It's not always so clear what Milla is up to...

Timmy was really in a party mood!

Luckily Grandma could come and watch the parade!

The first event of the day on the 17th of May was breakfast with Per and Elina. I got to know Per and Elina when I worked together with Per at Spaceworld. After that we have studied together, and now we beat each other every Thursday! The girls love it!

Milla found the sweetest guy!


Liv-Kristin and Timmy


Cupcakes for breakfast!

You can see in Elina's eyes that Timmy has put some pressure on you Per! 

After breakfast we went to our regular spot in Slottsparken. It's filled with people, but there's always room for more there. And the best part is that you get to see the Royal family.

The crowds are looking at other people walking around. :-P

The Royal castle with the Royal family waving to the crowds and parade.

We met up with my sister Mariel 

and my brother-in-law Lars Peter

It's not too tough to see that this is at the end of the day....

When we got home, Matheo, Milla and I went to the local school to check out what happened there. They had a marching band, ice creams and tons of games and fun for the kids.

Milla and Matheo enjoying their fifth ice cream of the day! 

The day ended with a nice visit from Karonlina and Belle. Paul and Neo were also supposed to come, but unfortunately Neo was sick, so they had to stay home. We still had a blast though, and enjoyed a lot of food and cake together. Yes, cake. Everything is allowed on the 17th of May! :-P

Karolina and Belle joining the party

The BBQ got a chance to see how it handles a party

A delicious Swiss Roll made by my beautiful wife

If you're ever wondering about what to do the 17th of May, come to Norway and Oslo. It's awesome!

No more excuses! Push push push! 

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