Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Out walking in our backyard i.e. the local forest

A few weeks ago our family went into the forest right next to were we live. We're fortunate to have a small forest so close, and it's what I'm looking at as I'm writing this post. It's practically our backyard. and it's of perfect size for our kids, being only a couple hundred meters each way.

Milla and Matheo loves to explore it, and continuously find new and exiting stuff. This time they found a small hut that somebody had made. They'd even placed a comfortable chair for Matheo to sit in outside.

Although I am not really fond of going out in the woods, this forest is just about the right size for me as well. I enjoy the time with the kids, and love to see them play and get exited about all of the things that they find. Every time we are out there, they bring up stuff they found the last time they were there: "Dad, do you remember when we found..."

As you can tell from the pictures, Timmy was freshly squeezed out of Liv-Kristin, when we were out walking.

The kids are so exited when we're out, so it's tough to capture the moments. I was lucky on this trip.

On this specific trip we found a new playground. Milla enjoyed the horse and would not leave it until she had achieved top speed!

Even Dad managed to have some fun on the horse!

This pine tree (or whatever it is) has got some balls!

And here is a sunset I captured a few nights earlier from the parking lot. Quite stunning.

No more excuses! Push push push!

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