Tuesday, July 29, 2014

AWESOME 'Nice Peter' (Epic Rap Battles of History) and 'The Jackpot Golden Boys' concert!

Nice Peter with crazy tambourine lady and random harmonica dude
The other week I was at an AMAZING concert with Nice Peter, who is the guy behind the YouTube hit series 'Epic Rap Battles of History' (ERB for short). I have been a huge fan of ERB since their first Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler rap battle. If you haven't seen the video that started it all, check it out below.

The ERB videos are hugely popular, and have been seen almost 1,5 BILLION times on YouTube! ERB consists of Nice Peter and Epic LLOYD, and of course a lot of helpers and collaborators on the videos. Because of the series huge success, they have been fortunate enough to get quite a lot of famous people join their videos.

The concert took place at John Dee in Oslo Norway, which is a perfect venue for a band like this. It's fairly small (a couple hundred can stand) and you get really close to the stage. The closeness to the stage makes it quite fun to stand in front and join the party, which was exactly what Jonas Bergersen and I did.

Alex from 'The Jackpot Golden Boys'
A band called 'The Jackpot Golden Boys' started the evening. In a live setting they consist of only two people, with Alex on vocals and guitar and his brother on the drums. When they entered the stage, there weren't really all that many people in the venue yet, but that did not stop Alex's awesomeness and presence on stage. He immediately got people closer to stage, and he made the audience join in on songs they had never before heard. I was truly amazed by his charisma and style on stage, and I have rarely seen such confidence even in well established artists. Kudos Alex!

The Jackpot Golden Boys play british punk/rock, and had quite a few catchy songs. Alex was good on vocals, and his brother did well on the drums. Jonas and I concluded that the warm-up-band was definetly worth the ticket alone.

Check them out on:

Nice Peter with his cool shades
A little while later Nice Peter and his friend Dante showed up on stage, and with them they brought an arsenal of cool songs. Peter had a relaxed and informal tone during the whole show, and sometimes it felt like we were part of a late night comedy show.

Peter played a few of his own songs, including 'Superman Socks, and a metal version of 'Giant Robot Babies' for the Norwegian metal lovin' crowd.

Nice Peter playin' it cool.
Since EpicLLOYD was not a part of the tour, people from the audience came up on stage and rapped against Peter. A few of the rappers were quite good, with both guys and girls rapping. On the final song even a guy with a harmonica jumped up on stage and joined the battle. It was truly epic. I filmed on of the battles, where a guy named Kornelius rapped as Edgar Allan Poe against Peter as Stephen King. Check out the video below. Peter even grabbed my camera at the end and joked around. Funny!

As you might expect, I give the concert two thumbs up. It was truly entertaining all night long. If you ever have a chance to see these guys live (both bands) do it!

Me and Nice Peter rockin' on!

Jonas Bergersen and Nice Peter

Alex from 'The Jackpot Golden Boys' and me.

Oh yeah, we were there!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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