Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Denmark Trip: Day 1 - Driving all day long

The proof that we finally made it!
It's finally time for our vacation trip to Copenhagen. The kids have been counting down to this day for many weeks now, and are so excited! I'll try to post something from each day, but it'll mostly be pictures. 

We're planning on visiting BonBon Land, Lego Land, Givskudd Zoo and the city of Aalborg during our Denmark visit. 

Our first stop on the trip. The kids were pretty glad to get out of the car! 

When you promise someone ice cream, they're usually pretty happy and satisfied.

Even I got an ice cream this day! :-P

Relaxing in the grass during the pit stop.

Matheo is pretty fond of ice creams!  

We even tried to climb the flag poles! It's important to get some of that energy out of the small bodies! We also ran around the flag poles about twenty times! :-)

I found this gigantic tower next to a gas station. 

Timmy was super awesome during the trip! He didn't cry and was satisfied pretty much all the way. 

This was from when I was happy when I drove.

This was from when I was sad while driving. Why? Check out the next pic. 

The Öresund bridge was closed! It was probably too windy...

Timmy enjoyed the traffic jam.

The bride finally opened, and we got to come into Denmark. Everyone who has seen the show 'Broen' (The Bridge), as a special connection to this bride. 

This is a typical restaurant picture of our family.

This is the picture we get after some negotiation. 

We ended up at 'Jensens Bøfhus' for steaks. Liv-Kristin has never been at a steakhouse before. After the visit here, I concluded that I need to show her a proper steakhouse. 

Milla even met Tootless in Copenhagen.

The proof of Milla and Liv-Kristin made it to Copenhagen.

We've rented this house in Køge via the service called AirBnB. It is really nice, with two bedrooms, a huge living room, kitchen, garden etc. It is so much easier for us as a family to stay at a home like this, than at a hotel where we're confined to a small room! 

The family that lives here left us a really nice note! 

At the end of the night, Milla and Matheo made a band and played for us all night long. 

Matheo took care of the ukulele. 

 No more excuses! Push push push!

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