Friday, July 11, 2014

Denmark Trip Day 2: Bonbon-Land

This picture was taken at the end of the day, and not the beginning. That's the reason for the droopy faces...

Day 2 of our Denmark trip took us to Bonbon-Land, an amusement park based on the candy Bonbon that was super popular in the 90s. They had classic candies like Søppeldynga (Dump site), Store Pupper (Big Tits), Ørevoks (Ear Wax), Måke Klatter (Seagull poop), Ande Mat (Duck Food) etc. In other words, classic themes for an amusement park! 

To be honest the theme park has seen better days. It was a bit worn down, and the staff looked like they were doing community service. They did however have a few cool rides, and the kid really loved the place. The main reason for us to go to Bonbon-Land was that their season pass (which only costs 349DKK), gives you 50% off the entrance to Legoland and Givskudd Zoo + it's valid as a season pass at Tusenfryd (our local theme park) and Sommarland i Bø (the closest water park to where we live). 

Check out the pictures below to see how the day was. :-)

A classic morning moment from any given vacation day. 

Tinmmy takes up a lot of space 

One of the super high-end attractions

The realities of a park day!

Matheo loved this ride 

Milla enjoyed it as well

Matheo welcoming us into Cowboy Town 

Matheo is trapped inside the crazy accordion playing bull!

Every parents dream come true!

Matheo even met a freaky beaver in Bonbon Land

One of us had an amazing day! 

Just waiting and waiting. :-)

Milla and Liv-Kristin being super sweet

And again! 

Give us a kiss!

I asked Matheo to do something cool for the camera. This is what is cool today! Good to know! 

We even met Bob the Builder!

Oh no! It's going too fast!

Pizza was the dinner of choice at Bonbon Land. 

Timmy is enjoying life as you can see. :-P

Matheo and Liv-Kristin going for a swing


If you look closely you can see Liv-Kristin in the front of the ride. This ride was awesome! They pull you up in a 90 degree angle and drop you down in one crazy ride. I could not stop laughing while I took this! Since I was a solo passenger, I got to take it three times in a row! 

 No more excuses! Push push push!

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