Monday, July 14, 2014

Denmark Trip Day 3 & 4: Legoland

Legoland entrance. This is where the magic begins.
Oh yes, it's finally time to share what happened at the main attraction of our holiday trip: Legoland. This is what the kids have been waiting for now for months. Matheo and Milla haven't spoken about much else, and they were so exited the morning we were going there.

Legoland is a really nice family park for the young ones. They have many rides for kids age 3 and up. The really heavy, big attractions are not very present. There are a couple of roller coasters that you need to be over a certain height to take, but the rest is mostly for kids. My stomach isn't too fond of roller coasters, so I got to spend a lot of time with Timmy. :-P

We arrived at about 13.30 the first day we were there, and that was plenty enough of time for us to have fun. We were super lucky with the weather, and there weren't even that many people there. Even less so on the Friday, which seemed kind of strange. What I think is even stranger, is that the park closed earlier on the Friday than the Thursday.

Anyways, we all had a blast, and we managed to have fun without stressing.

There's no proper morning without taking up the whole bed for Timmy and me. 

In Denmark they don't use the traditional chocolate spread. Instead they have thin chocolate plates they put on their sandwiches. Pretty awesome! 

A large Lego Friends city, right next to the entrance. 

There was one girl who thought this city was awesome!

I love Matheo's pose in this picture. 

Star Wars is well represented in Legoland.

Star Wars ship

Look at this cute guy!

These legoplanes were awesome for the kids!

Legosub and a stingray, of course. 

We found this awesome Lego scuba diver in the aquarium

Matheo and Milla found a shark in the aquarium. 


Check out Matheo's face! Love it!

Matheo found GOLD! Finally! We are going to be rich!!

Matheo wanted to win a huge Spongebob Squarepants teddy. He ended up winning a small minion from Despicable Me, not bad!

I love my little princess!

Two treasures in the treasure chest. 

Milla loves speed, so this Lego boat was perfect for her!

Matheo loves to flip me off on pictures!

Matheo and Liv-Kristin rockin' the boat. 

This is how most of Timmy's days are spent on vacation. Lying down in a stroller. He's happy with it though. 

Ain't nobody as cool as Milla!

All of my guys in front of the Lego mini village. 

Look at Matheo's face when he had to share a car with Milla. She's having a blast though!

Now look at his face when he got his own car. A bit better now. 

Milla enjoyed the ride!

This is the reality of having a baby in a stroller in a theme park. He wants to be in the shadow. 

The city of Bergen made in Lego.

Matheo, Milla and Liv-Kristin loves these spinning rides. I get sick just thinking of them. Blæh!

Well, at least one of us is having fun!

With the caps on backwards I'm only 20 again! 

The frog jumper quickly became on of the favorites. 

We climbed our way up the rope, all the way to the top!

Milla with her best Lego Friends!

A little train selfie!

Those vikings sure drank a lot!

This was by far my favorite activity at Legoland. We took a ride in a pirate boat and got to use the boat's water canons. You get ridiculously wet, but it's sooooo much fun!  

Both are satisfied after finishing a good lunch!

'Smile', I said. This is what he managed to do. The best fake smiler in the north.

Milla is super wet after taking the pirate boat attraction. It was a lot of fun!

Can you see the struggle I am having with putting up a smile. This is from day two, third park day in a row. Getting tired...

Some of these Lego figures are quite large. 

In a few of the stores they had these tables where you could play with Lego. There should definitely be more of these around the park. The kids got a nice half an hour with relaxation time with this. 

Look at all those key chains. We ended up with three of them. A vampire, a ghost and Batman! 

Gotta love the Simpsons. I think they are really cool in Lego. Too bad the 

Milla on a classic merry-go-round

Matheo did all kinds of faces and tricks on the merry-go-round.

Classic Lego lion picture

Matheo loves Lego Chima. This is his hero!

There's even a play in the castle a few times a day. They all speak 'The Sims' language. Quite funny!

Two fun days are over, and we say goodbye to Legoland by attacking this Lego dinosaur. 

We rented this nice house in Jelling, about 30 minutes away from Billund. 

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