Thursday, July 24, 2014

Denmark Trip Day 5: Givskudd Zoo - The Lion Park

Looks like paradise.
Finally, here comes the post from day 5 of our Denmark trip. This post has been a bit delayed by various reasons. Mostly that summer vacation is taking place... Anyways, the problem with writing a post like this a bit after the trip has happened, is that you tend to forget things. In this case I can't remember the names of all the animals we saw. That doesn't make them any less awesome though.

On this day of our trip we visited Givskudd Zoo in Billund. In this zoo, you use your car for a safari through parts of the tour. I've never been to a zoo like this before, and I really enjoyed it a lot. It was fun watching the animals strolling casually between or next to the cars. Even the lions ran next to the cars!

The park is located fairly close to Legoland, and it's quite cheap to enter. We even got half of the tickets, since we bought season passes at Bonbon Land.

It ended up being a great day, and I have no problems recommending a trip to Givskudd Zoo to anyone that is to or through Billund.

Elephants are awesome! As you can see, they were having their own world cup game. 

This funny little creature was found in the beginning of the park.

Guinea Pigs - The only animal, other than my kids, that I will accept at home. I wonder what they're discussing...

Camels are so ugly and funny!

He doesn't look any better from the side.

Matheo's face says it all.

Timmy enjoyed his purple elephant.

Wolves are pretty cool. Nice scenery as well. 

Snack time for the wolves. 

Family picture. Me in the middle. 

Gotta eat!

Even this little girl ate some food. 

Even this beautiful girl had to eat. 

This is what happens when you have a minion on your window, and then you roll down the window. 

Here chills the Lama Glama, or Llama for ordinary people. 

These bisons were huge!

Even 'Tiny Timmy the Bison' was there! 

What up giraffes?

And this is where I taught Matheo about the birds and the bees.

Some ordinary zebras for reference. 

We found this pygmy hippopotamus just lying around.

These two monkeys were nice and cute. 

This bastard was not! He tried to jump me, just because I wanted his food. Melon slime is my favorite!

Here he is, sitting on top of the food looking all cool. He took a big dump in the middle of the food pile! 

I love it when they are sweet together!

This is where I belong, according to my wife! 

How did this end, you might ask. Fine! Matheo has great balance! 

That's how excited Timmy got. Yawn!

After the 'Madagascar' movies, lemurs have never been the same. They are now super awesome!

Rhinos. Huge things!

Looks like she is watching her prey. 

Here they are, just chillin'. 

This was the new traffic director at Givskudd Zoo. 

Matheo found a small goat he liked. 

As it turns out, Milla found a few as well. 

Even Liv-Kristin found one.

No more excuses! Push push push!

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