Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Glam Rock Celebration Of Anders And Ingelin!

Every year Anders Sørbo has a great celebration of his birthday at Toten Hotell Sillongen. Every year he also chooses a theme for the party, and this years theme was 'Glam Rock'. So off to Toten we went to celebrate the true heroes of the 80's (and some new ones): Mötley Crue, Kiss, Steel Panther, Retunr, AC/DC etc.

Costumes and games are always a big part of Anders' birthdays, and this year was no exception. There were some serious lengths of wigs present, as well as tights (on both boys and girls), leather pants and make up. I was in charge of the make up station. At that station everybody needed to get some new make up applied, but only the boys could do it!  Well, to say the least, it was pretty bad.

In the evening we all went up to a small cabin and enjoyed food and dancing all night long, rock'n'roll style!

Check the gallery below to see some of the fun we had.

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