Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day Of School For Matheo

Matheo has finally (according to himself) become so old that he's starting school. Liv-Kristin and I are of course very proud, but it is also a bit terrifying. I'm suddenly realizing that Matheo is now old enough to remember stuff that happens. And by remember I mean remembering for life. I can remember my first day of school, so he's going to do the same. I gotta step up my act a bit.

After some pancakes drenched in syrup, we were ready for school! Fortunately Matheo got in the same class as most of his friends. The kids have been going to a kindergarten that is quite far away from where we live, so they don't know all that many in the neighborhood.

After the principles mandatory talk, Matheo got to go up and meet his teachers, and then they all marched into class. The parents got to follow behind, and also stood in the back of the classroom. Since it was the first day, the day consisted most of getting to know each other and drawing a bit. At the end, all of the kids gathered together to sing a song to the adults. Quite nice!

I think the day ended up awesome for the bloke, a day worth remembering!

One proud kid!

The principles mandatory boring talk


This is where the learning takes place.

One happy kid in the back of the classroom. 

Imagine teaching all of those kids?! 

"Having a good day at school Timmy?"
"Ahem, awhat?"

Definitely the coolest guys in Hallagerbakken!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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