Sunday, August 10, 2014

Picture Status: How Much Did The Summer Ruin?

It's always "fun" to come back to the gym after a long summer vacation to check exactly how much damage the summer did. This summer was a bit different than usual for me though, since I've actually been really good at keeping my routine. I managed to work out a couple of times when we were in Denmark. We were at home the week after, so then it was easy to go to the gym. The following week we were in Sweden, and there I found a gym I went to every day.

It probably wouldn't have done all that much damage to not work out while we were in Denmark and Sweden, but I think it is a great start to a day. I feel prepped and ready for everything if I've done some exercising in the morning.

Well, enough talk. Go gallery!

No More Exuses! Push push push!

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