Monday, August 4, 2014

Stockholm trip with the family

Milla and Matheo outside the Stockholm temple
Every year our family spend a week in Stockholm Sweden (Västerhaninge) during summertime. As a few of you know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and our closest temple is in Stockholm. It has become a tradition for the members in Norway to travel to the temple each summer, so we are joined by a lot of our friends. We typically leave on a Monday and travel back on the Friday or Saturday the same week.

Temples are special for mormons, since we believe we do ordinances that extend beyond death there. For instance, Liv-Kristin and I are sealed for time and all eternity there.

The temple has a "guest house", which is pretty much a hostel like place, right next to it. There is also a popular camping resort fairly close by called Östnora. That is where Liv-Kristin has spent most of her summers, so naturally we tend to visit Östnora quite a lot. It's not the fanciest of camping sites, but they sell ice cream and they have a great huge patch of grass to enjoy.

This week we also had a BBQ party at Alexandra Dalby's parents' place. A lot of our friends were there, and a ton of kids. They also knew about a great place to go for a swim as well. Good times!

Check out all of the pictures!

Matheo and Milla loved the lions that are found in the center of Stockholm. 

Liv-Kristin and I have found a chocolate store we need to visit each time we are in Stockholm. The chocolate is ridiculously expensive, but it's worth it! 

Oh no! Matheo found his father!

Liv-Kristin and her family have a tradition to always eat at this Mongolian BBQ place. They have an all you can eat buffet, and decent prices. If you come there close to opening time, it's even quite fresh. :-P

Liv-Kristin trying to enjoy her meal. 

As you can see, Oliver and Matheo, behaved exemplary at the restaurant. 


Even Timmy enjoyed being at the restaurant. 

In Sweden women cross the street, not men!

Milla speaking to Matheo.

"Hello?!?" Can you see Matheo all the way on the other side?

A fairly accurate depiction of camping life. 

The kids love playing on the grass. 

Arne chillaxin' in front of a tent. 

Ole-Andreas and his beautiful Ida. 

Hello Arne Thomas

Sara is very serious!

Trying to be cool. Way too cool...! 

Camping is all about BBQing. 

Sverre Andreas embracing camping and a hot dog. 

Milla going for a swim. 

Liv-Kristin and Timmy trying camping life. 

Timmy enjoyed camping so much that he fell asleep. 

Ronald knows how to get campers happy!


The sun setting at Östnora. 

Matheo and Milla are hunting! Hunting for blueberries. 

Grandma helped finding blueberries. 

Today's catch! 

My dad found an ice cream. 


Small overview of the superb Dalby BBQ party. 

Small part of my dinner! Yum!

Christoffer rockin' the camera.

Our hostess Alexandra. 

Ole-Andreas putting up his most natural smile. 

Me again... Boring. 

The awesome beach we tried out.

The gym I used while on vacation. 

The gym was even fairly well equipped. 

One freakin' huge dumbbell!

Life hack on the bench. They've used skateboard wheels! 

I actually managed to work out every day while we were in Stockholm. I just had to get up a bit early, as usual...

No more excuses! Push push push!

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