Sunday, September 21, 2014

My trip to Photokina 2014 in Cologne Germany

The world's largest photo convention was held this last week in Cologne in Germany. It is called Photokina, and Sony has of course got a giant booth there. 

I went to Gardermoen airport on Tuesday afternoon, had some sushi at Yo!Sushi and flew down to Düsseldorf. From Düsseldorf I had to catch a train to Cologne, which went perfectly fine. The problem arose when I wanted to take a taxi from the Cologne train station to my hotel. None of the taxi drivers wanted to take me to the hotel, since the distance was fairly short. They didn't want to take any ride that was less than 20€! They started to argue and shout at me and each other, and it looked like it was going to get violent. Suddenly a cab driver open his trunk, yelled something to me in German, and got in the car. I got in and we rushed away to the hotel. He drove like he was in a race, so I was lucky to get to the hotel alive. 

After a quick shower, I had a customer dinner at 'La Sociéte, a one-star Michelin restaurant. The place was small and cozy and served mainly French dishes. A great success! 

The next day it was time for the convention. The venue was huge, and there were still halls that weren't used. All major and small players in the photo industry was present, and I've taken a few pictures of some of the things I saw. 

All in all, it was a great trip, although I went home dirt tired! 

Check out below for more pictures. 

This place has become the obligatory eating place for me at the local airport

Sushi on a belt!

This is where Liv-Kristin would have spent most of her time at the airport.

Hasselblad takes Sony cameras, give them a new body and a new price. For referene 22.999NOK is the same as 3.600USD. 

And here we have the newer Sony model of the Hasselblad above for less than a fourth of the price...

Wohoo! Selfie time!

The obligatory picture from the airplane


Sony's action cam booth

Inside a lens. Pretty advanced stuff! 

Sony's total lens offering

Me in the Sony lounge

Sony had a full lounge with food and drink serving for all employees. 
Anna and me chillin' in the lounge

There were tons of people walking around with huge birds at Photokina.

Pretty amazing!

Canon had a huge presence at Photokina

Help the man, he is falling! 

Oh... He just fell in front of some mirrors. 

Panasonic is still in the game.

Some captivating art.

Entusiasts get to test some of the tele lenses from Nikon. 

I am Nikon... Not really! 

A highly customized Sony NEX-7, by Hasselblad.

Another modified Sony, this time the A99. 

Norton Commando, pretty sweet!

Most vendors had staff hanging around, just waiting to be taken pictures of. This girl is from the Sony stand. 

GoPro even brought a racing car to the party.

GoPro stand

Lytro is an interesting concept, where you can change the focus point after the shot is taken.

The Lytro camera was actually quite large, a bit larger than expected, but I love the concept. 

The inside of a Samsung camera. 

Samsung had a girl on a swing. She just sat there, all day long. 

I'm guessing one of these would be really fun to try! 

The BMW i8 is really amazing to look at!

Star telescopes are huge!

If you wanted a small adventure, Photokina could offer that as well. 

Fun balls to be in.

The dome in Cologne is absolutely amazing to watch!

The dome is the center of the city of Cologne. 

This if how convention life really is. Emails, emails, work and work. 

Not allowed to stand and pee at the hotel. Oh oh. I might have broken the regulations.

Hotel Allegro, the place with all the fun... not really. 

Train station selfie!

Flying while the sun is setting feels pretty good. 

Almost home...

No more excuses! Push push push! 

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