Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oh no! The Red Wall Is Gone...!

This week something terrible happened! A day I have dreaded for two years now finally came. Liv-Kristin decided to paint the living room wall. 

A couple of years ago Liv-Kristin and I were part of a home renewal program called "Hjelp, han pusser opp" (Help, he's renovating). The concept is that the girl moves out, and the guy has two weeks to renovate as much as he can, without female intervention. I got some great help from my friend Thomas, and together we figured it was a good idea to paint the living room red and put up a giant picture of me decorated in Norwegian black metal make-up (Apollyon from Immortal). Sweet, right? Well, Liv-Kristin didn't think so. For two years she has been terrorizing me about this wall, and how we should repaint it. Now she finally did it. My small victory in this was that I got a giant Turbonegro poster up in the living room (she hates it!). :-P

If you want to see the program Liv-Kristin and I were a part of, check out this link on TV3s homepage. 

The same day as Liv-Kristin did this, we also got a new (for us) Sony TV! It's a KD-55X9005A (last years model) 4K TV. A huge improvement over our old (9 years) and trusty Pioneer plasma (which by the way is up for grabs really cheap). 

Check out the results in the gallery below. 

Here Liv-Kristin is ruining our living room!

My mother-in-law was in on it as well! 

Matheo, you are a traitor! 

The old trusty Pioneer Plasma

The living room with the Pioneer still up. 

The sheer size of the box says it all. This is going to be amazing!

Ah... Finally. A large 4K TV, amazing stereo and a PS4 in the living room. The dream is coming true!

The red wall is gone, but Turbonegro is up. A small win. 

Goodbye, sweet sweet red wall with the amazing picture of me! 

No more excuses! Push push push!

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