Monday, October 20, 2014

Awesome Workout With Nils Fredrik

Now that Nils Fredrik has moved right next to my job, we get to work out together all the time. It's actually quite nice to have someone to share the pain with in the morning, because it can get quite tough.

This specific morning we started with the classic deadlift. Nils Fredrik is very strong and has great technique. I am fairly strong (sets of 140kg), but I have trouble keeping good form during the first repetition. I bend my back way too much. To try to fix this, I have now decreased the weights I train with and have started to focus on the beginning of the lift.

We also managed to do some sets of bench press, pulldowns, biceps curls and triceps extensions, and at last some stomach exercises.

The pump was real!

Nils-Fredrik deadlift 1

Nils Fredrik deadlift 2

Nils Fredrik deadlift 3

Nils Fredrik deadlift 4

Nils Fredrik deadlift 5

One super happy Nils!

Deadlift preparations. I struggled with the grip when I went over 130kg. 

My deadlift face

Nils didn't only just pose, he actually lifted this a few times as well!

I love pulldowns!

Preppin' the guns!


Trying to show off the double biceps... 

No more excuses! Push push push!

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