Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chest, Arms and Abs Workout with Nils Fredrik

Nils Fredrik and I had a blast going through the chest, arms and abs today. When I arrived, Nils Fredrik was already there, bloodshot in his eyes. He had the classic Mormon hangover i.e. being dead tired. He still hasn't understood that taking large portions of pre-workout late in the evening will keep you awake after the training... Noob! :-P Anyways, he had great push and drive through the whole routine, which was impressive considering he only had four hours of sleep.

Mustache and singlet. Great combination!

I'm still struggling with a shoulder injury, so I still can't do bench presses and many other exercises that include the shoulders. Close-grip dumbbell presses and cable crossovers have become my new best friends when I punish the chest.

This week I managed to increase on the weighted side bend (with the legs locked), with a full set of 35kg. It was so heavy, that it was ridiculous.

Enought said!

Oh, so heavy. New PR with 35kg!

Push push push!

The obligatory double biceps mustache pose.

No more excuses! Push push push!

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