Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gothminister Concert + Zombie Make-Up

Gothminister is a band that I've followed for a few years now. They play industrial metal. You could probably also call it horror metal. I came across them on a random playlist on Spotify and then the song Devil came up. I loved it, and have listened to them since. 

This past weekend (on Halloween) they played in Oslo at Vulkan Arena. They put together what they called 'Nightmare on Halloween Part II). Needless to say, they played in Oslo last year as well. Back then Thomas and I were actually part of the show, being zombies in the pit. The highlight of that day was when we actually got to go up on stage as zombies with the band. Pretty awesome! 

Since it was Halloween, everybody was encouraged to dress up. I came as a zombie again, and my friend Russell was something dead. DJ Toby Dammit did part of the warm-up, but that was not something for me. He stood up on stage with his sombrero and played the maracas and drums on top of music I didn't understand. By didn't understand I mean I didn't like it. 

Mariann Rosa
Mariann Rosa suddenly jumped on stage and sang a couple of songs. She belongs in the electro-pop genre, and I couldn't quite understand why she was there. Nevertheless, it was catchy and she did a good job. The audience didn't though. 

After a while Gothminister entered the stage. It didn't take long before I understood that this would be a loud concert. So loud, in fact, that my earbuds didn't take away enough dB to prevent ringing in the ears. 

The Minister and Mariangela

The band played songs from all albums, with 'Dusk til Dawn' as my definite favorite. They even played a new song, featuring Mariangela Demurtas from Tristania. Nice! 

He beheaded Fie!!!

The evidence!
When you are a horror metal band, you need props. Tons of props. Tons of blood. Tons of monsters. Gothminister has all of this. While attending one of their concerts you get decapitations, werewolves, monsters, giants, flames and explosions. This alone should be worth the ticket, and was it this time as well. Although there were some technical hiccups, I think they did great. 

Princess Daenerys 
Unfortunately, there were a bit too few people attending this night. The pressure and roar of the audience wasn't there, which was a pity. But, people were good at dressing up. I even meet Princess Daenerys from Game of Thrones! 

Death is coming!
All in all it was a good night!

No more excuses. Push push push! 

DJ Toby Dammit

Costume Awards

Russel and me. 

Posing zombie

Flexing zombie

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