Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014 - The Terror Continues

For 14 years now our friend Kyrre Johansson has made awesome Halloween parties. This year was no exception, so off we went to Fetsund (way way out of the city).

Liv-Kristin and I love to dress up for Halloween, and love to go all in on the costumes. This year we experienced a few hiccups, so it wasn't as dramatic or awesome as it should have been. We ended up being zombie prom queen and king. I even had a crown! We tore up an old suit for me, and a brand new dress for Liv-Kristin, put on some make-up, dragged the clothes in dirt and threw blood at each other. Whatever floats your boat, right?!

We were a nice bunch of people this year, and everybody actually knew each other from before. We had the ugly/beautiful duckling, little red riding hood, Russel Brand, ghosts and much more.

All of the pictures I took will be available at the following link:
Picture link

The official site of the party:

Check out the gallery below for many more gruesome pictures!

Prom King and Queen

A huge spider!

Goodbye wife!

The ugly/beautiful duckling

Russel Brand and his pirate woman

Cruella de Vil

Judas Priest

A mime!


Little Red Riding Hood


Yellow Bastard

Party like you're alive

Liv-Kristin and Olga rocking the dance floor

The prize for 'Best Costume' is awarded

The ugly/beautiful duckling won!

Twerking duck!

The evidence that the owner of the haunted house went on the dance floor.

Is that the ghost?

It's ok, but just because he is prettier than me.

A couple of bonus pictures from the preparation party in Hakadal.

No more excuses! Push push push!

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