Saturday, November 8, 2014

SpillExpo - The Norwegian Gaming Convention

SpillExpo - the only large Norwegian gaming convention - has now become a tradition. This was the third year in a row that Norwegians get to experience gaming, nerds, bad body odor and cosplay all in one place.

Since Sony and PlayStation has a huge stand at the fair, I got free tickets for me and a couple of friends. Matheo, Erik, Nils Fredrik, Daniel and I went together to get our gaming fix. Matheo and I got to meet a couple of cosplayers, try Destiny's speeder bike, ride in Donald Duck's car, and try a ski jump.

Pretty cool for a rainy Sunday!

Three lovely douchebags!
More pictures in the post!

Matheo met a couple of cosplay people


Sony PlayStation stand

The Order 1886 looked pretty awesome!

The new Halo: The Master Chief Collection looks and plays great!

The Xbox boss was present!

My lovely brother (and Erik)

The Playstation master was there as well.

Matheo loved this motorcycle game. 

Matheo tries the Destiny Speeder

Even I had to have a go at the speeder!

Alexander Rybak was there and sang. I do not know why...!

My favorite car! Donald Duck's famous 313. 

Harry's grown some muscles. 

Lego train everywhere. 

Nils Fredrik is a master of the slack rope... Not really, but I was much much worse! 

Matheo getting ready for a huge jump.

The skis betrayed him! One of the bindings broke. 

Oh well... It could have been fun. 

Matheo was a great sport and did not complain, even though the skis didn't work as planned. 

Big bad Nils Fredrik!

Rockin' that moustache.

No more excuses! Push push push!

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