Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Restaurant Visit With Great Friends

A few days ago, most of my friends from school and I gathered together for a great dinner at Klosteret. This is something we've been doing each year around Christmas time for quite some time, and this year we celebrated our 10th year anniversary doing this. 

Most of us have know each other since we were kids, but we all find it harder to manage to get together these days. We all live in different places, have kids, jobs etc., so it's good to gather like this once in a while. 

A small presentation of those who came follows below. We were missing Pelle, who was sick and the last one claimed it was too dangerous for him to be a part of this blog. Something about him being way to awesome for it. 




Me (Richard)


Kim & Audun

Klosteret serves upper class food without being too expensive. I must admit that I cannot recall the intricacies of the different courses, but I can give a (very) brief description of each.

My alcohol free alternative. Egge apple juice. 

1st course: Fish - Salmon

2nd course: Fish - Halibut

3rd course: Meat - Pig

4th course: Cheese

5th course: Dessert - Pannacotta (I think)

My job here is done!

Hans ate way too much!

I found these in my suit. Only one of them was for the restaurant we were at. I really wonder where the other two belong to. 

Our bill came in this old book. 
It was a great evening, where we got a bit update on what's up in our different lives, had great food, and went happy home.

Make sure you take care of your friends as well as your family. Friends mean a lot.

A small curiosity will end this post:

This crazy picture is from the back of the address card. It looks like a priest, with a swimming cap, wearing Ray-Bans, swinging a machete. Bad ass!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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