Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Tree Fun

Every Christmas celebration needs a Christmas tree! I love the smell and the sight of the Christmas tree during the holidays, and it helps me get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

The Christmas tree lot

Matheo inspecting a Christmas tree
We started the Saturday with the regular work-out in the morning. After that we went for a stroll at the local beach and then on to the Christmas tree store. They had trees in every size and shape, but we went for our regular fir tree (edelgran) that's between 175-200cm. I think they are a bit expensive, but they do look nice.

The lucky tree

Making the tree portable. 

This year we decided to find our tree really quick, and it actually worked! We found the perfect tree within minutes. Awesome!

Finally, it's in the house. 

The spectators
After carrying it all the way home on my shoulders (exaggeration) it was time to decorate it. All of the kids were eager to help, and this year we didn't loose a single ornament in the process. Last year Matheo was the one to put up the star on the tree, so Milla decided that it was her turn this year. She's probably mentioned it ten times a day the last couple of weeks: "This year I'm the one putting the star up on the Christmas tree!" That she did!




Timmy and Me

Merry Christmas to all of my readers! 

Matheo smelling the tree

No more excuses! Push push push!

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