Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fitnessfestivalen 2014

Testing my monkey skills

I've actually never been to a fitness convention or a fitness competition! It's true! I've had a major interest in this for many years, but have never bothered to take the time to go to one of those things. This weekend I decided to put and end to the postponing and get going. The destination was Gøteborg and the convention is called Fitnessfestivalen (The Fitness Festival - if it was tough to figure out what it said in Swedish).

A small part of the convention

Another small part of the convention.
Fitnessfestivalen has been at it for 10 years now, and they are getting bigger every year. They fill up a large convention hall and tons of companies have their stand there. There were stands from Better Bodies, Gasp, Gymgrossisten, BMR, Nutramino, Hammer Strength, Mutant and many others.

Check out the flavor. Christmas = Gingerbread 

I bought one of these!

There was a huge focus on supplements and clothing at the fair. Most of the supplements were really discounted, but I can't say the same about the clothing. So I ended up buying some supplements, more specific protein powder, amino acids and a pre-workout.

I even found a real troll!

The Swedish military even had a stand and a competition: who could hold themselves for the longest amount of time in the above position. This dude won! Don't know his time though...

Who could do the most shoulder presses?

This guy did an amazing 70(!) dips! Incredible. 

There were also quite a few stands with competitions and activities. One had a competition were the goal was to stay hanging in a chin-up for as long as possible. Another one was maximum number of dips. Another maximum heavy shoulder presses. I lifted a tractor wheel and was happy enough about that.

Positioning myself

Almost there...

Epic win.

The celebration. I even had an audience.  

The punching bag.

The action shot. 

Celebrating by looking like a horse. 

Ako Rahim - BMR Nutrition front man. 

Ron Partlow from Mutant. I've got way bigger arms than him!

The fair also had it's fair share of fit people. Some famous and some not so famous (like myself). I met Ako Rahim from BMR Nutrition and Ron Partlow from Mutant. Both really nice guys.

If you felt really sporty at the convention, you could even work out there in a huge group class. 

Some really crazy crossfit people. 

My new ride.

Biggest guns there are!

Got scared!

It's just me, the mustache man.

Fitnessfestivalen is also the hos of Luciapokalen, which is an amateur fitness and bodybuilding competition. I originally planned on watching Classic Bodybuilding, but couldn't get the schedule to fit. Bikini fitness was the solution. I ended up buying tickets late, so I got a really crappy seat all the way to the back. All the way in the back is so far away from stage that it isn't even fun being there. I am not known to be shy, so I went and found a seat almost all the way in front of the stage. Much better!

I must admit that although the girls had amazing bodies, it would have been more fun to watch bodybuilding. Note to self for next time: buy tickets early!

Next fitness convention planned: FIBO in Cologne Germany in April 2015. Come join me!

Some of the people waiting in line to see some booty. 

The stage where the posing is done. 

Far far away.

Still far away...

Switched seats, and then voila - closer. 

This is what they call a back pose (rygg) in bikini fitness. Well...

Very many girls compete in the bikini fitness classes.

Some lucky girls get to win a small little plastic trophy for all of their dieting, training and suffering! :-)

No more excuses! Push push push!

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