Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Office Pranks - A Collection

I love pranking people, and at my workplace I had the perfect person to prank: Stefan Jonsson. We had a small prank war going on for quite some time, but then Stefan suddenly decided to quit. That meant war!

Prank: Computer mouse in jelly

This prank needs a couple of items, as well as the sacrifice of the victims computer mouse.

You need:
Jelly (Jell-O)
Boiling hot water
Computer mouse
A few hours

Make sure the victim is away for a long time. I recommend doing this after work, so that the jelly can stiffen over night. Find the victims mouse and bring it over to the preparation bench. Here you need hot boiling water, a bowl and jelly mix. Mix it together, put the mouse in the jelly mix and put it all in the fridge. After a few hours everything is ready. If you leave the mix in the fridge over night, make sure you are at the office before your victim so the gift is nice and ready at his arrival.

Here I am with Stefan's mouse. It will soon die! 

Boiling water, jelly mix and a bowl.

Mix it nice and firmly.

The mouse needs to go into the magic mix.

Put the mouse in so it ends face up when you put it on a plate. 

When the mix is stiff, put it on a platter at the perfect location.

Wait for the victim. Joyful reaction!

Prank: Post-it notes on computer screen

You need:
Post-it notes
Computer screen

Sometimes you need to deliver a subtle message to a coworker. Post-it notes on a computer screen might do the trick. This prank only takes a couple of minutes to do, so you can do it while your coworker is at the bathroom or out taking a smoke. Put the post-it notes together on the screen to send him a nice message. Much appreciated!

Here I have written the abbreviation for 'Your're the best' in Norwegian. 

Prank: Car Wrap

You need:
A car - preferably the victim's car
Industrial plastic wrap 

The victim needs to have a car. The car shouldn't be in line of sight from the victim is. Tie the industrial plastic wrap onto one of the rims and start walking around the car with the wrap. Start at the bottom and work your way upwards. It's fairly easy to cover most of the car quickly. The bonnet and roof might not get covered, but that doesn't really matter too much. 

Then sit around and wait for the reaction. 

Note: The plastic doesn't damage the car, and it's fairly easy to remove, so don't worry. 

Start by tying the plastic wrap onto one of the rims. 

Then you just walk. 

And walk.

And walk.

Making sure the front is sufficiently covered. 

Having a ski-box on top of the car is a bonus! 

Proud prankster! 

The victim

Prank: Confusing Keyboard

You need:
Pair of scissors or a screwdriver
Victim's keyboard. 

Use a pair of scissors or a screwdriver to loosen the buttons on your victim's keyboard. Then place them randomly around. You get the best effect if you don't change all of the buttons, but just mix a few of the most used ones. 

Note: Most keyboards can loosen their buttons without breaking, but some keyboards might actually stop working. 

A subtle little mix of changes. 

Prank: Aluminum foil office prank

You need:
Aluminum foil - 30-50 meters
Victim's desk
1-2 hours

This prank is pretty straightforward. You need the victim to be gone from his desk for about an hour or two, at least, and tons of aluminum foil. I used about 30 meters it on this prank. Take a picture or memorize where everything is placed on the desk, then start wrapping. I'm not really that good at wrapping stuff, so it didn't look super smooth, but it worked well enough. The fun lies in the details. For example, wrap every pen in the cup holder. 

Here is the desk before the wrapping commenced. 

Here is the end result. 

There's the computer, computer screen and keyboard. Tough to see!

As you can see, the victim is super happy!

He is basically saying: Thank you for making my desk so pretty!

Prank: Upside down water glass

You need:
A glass of water - or many if you are evil
A napkin or cloth to remove spillage
Plastic sheet (e.g. back of a binder)
A desk

This prank might need some practice before you can do it to your victim. Fill a glass fairly full with water. Put a plastic sheet, for instance the back of a binder, on top of the glass. Flip the glass close to the desk, put both on the desk, then remove the plastic sheet controlled away from under the glass. There will always be some spillage, so bring a cloth to remove this. 

Below is a video of the procedure:

I'm a confused victim. How do I remove these without spilling all over my desk?

Three glasses, triple the threat!

Prank: Upside down desk

You need:
A victim's desk

While your victim is away, turn absolutely everything on his desk upside down. For best effect, turn the desk around as well! 

Everything is upside down, besides the desk. Too much work...

Upside down madness!

Prank: Princess Desk

You need:
Glitter! Tons of glitter!
Plastic spray - PlastiDip (or equivalent)
Heart stickers

For this prank you need a lot of time and good ventilation. The plastic spray can be sprayed on most hard surfaces and can easily be removed afterwards. Note that you need to spray evenly and enough to make it possible to remove. If you do not do this it will be tough to remove. You want to spray paint the computer screen. Make sure you cover the actual screen, as the plastic spray can damage the screen. Spray paint other office appliances, for instance the stapler, the tape dispenser, bottle etc. 

You also want to superglue key items to the wall divider or the desk. This can be the pen holder, display items etc. Then you place heart stickers everywhere. Many. Tons. 

The last thing you want to do is to glitter the crap out of the desk. Glue the glitter on to the edge of the computer screen. Spread glitter everywhere else on the desk, in the keyboard, on the chair. You want to make sure that some glitter will always remain on the desk, no matter how much it is cleaned. 

Fun fact: The victim will have glitter on his person and face for weeks to come! Joy! 

Note: The computer screen will never be itself again after this procedure. Make sure you do not lose your job on this. 

A pretty pink computer screen and keyboard.

Stickers make all of the difference. 

A pink bottle and tape dispenser. Notice all of the glitter. The jo-jo is glued to the desk! 

These bottles have found their new place on the divider screen. 

Glitter the heck out of the chair. No matter what, the victim will get glitter on his clothes! 

The beautiful end result. 

Princess Peach!

No more excuses! Push push push!


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