Thursday, January 8, 2015

Appreciating the small things

It's now January and we're done with New Year's and Christmas celebrations, and it's back to work. The last few weeks have been very special and nice, as well as challenging.

Christmas started Friday the 19th of December for me this year. That was the day the Christmas spirit really touched me. I was out with work having a Christmas brunch, and everybody was just so happy. Children came and sang for us, we held hands and sang together and we ate delicious food. Right after that I got a message from HR that I had unused holiday days left that needed to be used in order not to lose them. What better Christmas gift can you ask for? This holiday season therefore became the first totally work free holiday in many many years. Awesome!

The days were spent with family and friends, just as we planned. We had celebrations in Moss, Skedsmokorset and at our place. We had a nice tree in the living room, tons of gifts were exchanged, nice food was eaten and everybody was happy.

However, it was not all just fun and games. Timmy got really ill. He had serious trouble with breathing for most of the holiday period. Both Matheo and Milla have had quite worrisome asthma, and it looks like Timmy is getting the same thing. Since we've been through it before, we're quite routinized and not that worried, but it is still no fun. Timmy had to go to the E.R. (Emergency Rescue) three times and once to the hospital to get adrenaline to calm his breathing. Fortunately he is way better now, but it looks like we are facing a few years with the asthma machine and being careful in the cold with him. Matheo and Milla have almost grown out of all symptoms, which happens fairly often when kids get asthma at a young age. The flue came to the family the last weekend as well...

As you know might understand things didn't really go as expected. We had sick kids, or were sick ourselves, 11 out of 14 days. This made the Christmas very different, since we ended up being inside much much more than we planned. We played games, drew, watched movies, and generally had a good time. We got that quality time together, that can be so hard get.

The conclusion is: We could have been negative and only focused on sick kids and all of the plans that we had to abolish, but we rather focused on the positive and saw how much time we got to spend together; making for the best Christmas ever!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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