Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snow time! Sledding with the kids

We haven't really seen that much snow this winter, but it came yesterday! Full blast! We originally planned to go to Sweden to do some shopping, but because of the heavy snowfall we skipped those plans. We probably would have spent twice the regular amount of time driving, and that's if we didn't end up in a ditch with the car...

After the regular Saturday work out session with the family, we drove home, ate, relaxed a bit, and then peered out of the window. It had stopped snowing and it was an amazing zero degrees Celsius outside. 

We jumped into our winter wear and ran to the nearest hill to go sledding. The conditions were close to perfect, and we had more than one spontaneous snowball fight! Milla has gotten her own Stiga Snowracer this year, and this was her first time trying it. She did really well, and had a blast. 

I didn't have an action camera available at home this weekend, so I ended up filming a few runs with my mobile camera. Fortunately the Sony mobiles these days are waterproof, so I wasn't too concerned. 

If you haven't been sledding for a while, I can truly recommend it. It's the one winter activity I have truly embraced and love. 

So go sledding! Do it! Do it now! Do it for the kids! Do it for yourself!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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