Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Apartment For Sale!

Nice new HTH kitchen
We are now selling our awesome apartment, and now's your chance to get it! Read all about it at FINN.no.

Most of the apartment (except bathrooms) was refurbished in 2012 as part of the TV show, 'Hjelp, han pusser opp'. There's a brand new HTH kitchen, with an integrated iPad in one of the cabinets, sweet black tiles and of course a new dishwasher and stove. We built spotlights into the ceiling in the kitchen and living room, and also opened up more between the kitchen and living room. The hall was made a bit brighter, and the opening between the living room and the hall was opened up all the way to the ceiling. A wardrobe was built into the wall in the hall to make things a bit more handy when taking on and off jackets and such. The guestroom got a custom bed, shelf and desk in order to utilize the space to the maximum.

Large living room, with lots of sunlight and a light box in the ceiling.
We love the area! The whole neighborhood is very nice, and consists mostly of families and people getting a bit older. There's a kindergarten 100 meters away, and the school is about 300 meters away (without having to cross a single road).

Master bedroom with a very large built in wardrobe.

Balcony during wintertime. 
A bit more space is needed for our family, and we are really looking forward to moving to Moss, which is also a bit closer to Liv-Kristin's family.

You are invited to come see the apartment on Sunday the 8th of February between 14.00 and 15.00. Please make a bid while you're there! Oh, and there will be pastries for all who attend!

No more excuses! Push push push!


Second bedroom

Guestroom with fitted bed, shelf and desk. 

Backyard in the summer. Our apartment in the center. 

Balcony in the summer

And here's the episode of me refurbishing the apartment, in case you haven't seen it! :-P

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