Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vacation to Spain - Part 2 - Torrevieja and Flamenco Show

Being both urban and awesome, we couldn't just sit by the pool all day long. Torrevieja needed to be explored.

The trip startet at the local tourist office, and Liv-Kristin and Olga made plans for the rest of the vacation. You can see that Thomas really loves it!

We ate at one of the promenade restaurants (read: tourist trap), and were very positively surprised by the appetizer. It was really super delicious! It's a pitty that the rest of the food sucked ballsack (Norwegian expression). Alise also got the WORLD'S BIGGEST COCKROACH in her lap. Sickest thing I've seen. She's afraid of banana flies!

The promenade was explored, and there we met the old fishing wife that waits for her husband. Dramatic!

There is actually also a permanent carnival (tivoli) in town, and we had to test it. It also had one of the craziest attendants every at a ride. I've never seen anyone that engaged in his job. I filmed a small part of the madness, which you can see below.

We went back to the carnival another day, and he was still just as crazy!

We were at the local (read: the closest) restaurant one day, and they had a flamenco show! The kids warmed up the floor for the lovely lady.

Oh, and I won 4€ in Euromillones. Wohoo!!!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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