Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The One With the Toy...

I think most parents agree that parenting can be quite difficult sometimes. Most days are awesome, but others can be challenging. We had one of the tough ones a few days back.

We had pizza for dinner, and the kids had friends over. It was pleasant and nice, and when they finished their dinner, they all went up to play. Sometimes the playing can get a bit rough and rowdy, and this specific day it got bad:

Matheo was fooling around with Milla, and accidentally managed to throw a doll in her face so hard that blood splattered all over. It looked like something really bad had happened in her room. Luckily it was only a nose bleed, and no broken nose or something like that.

If you hit someone in our home, you immediately have to go into a corner to "think" (doghouse). Matheo knew what he had done, so he went straight there and said: "I should probably be here right now".

It is in times like these that it is easy to lose ones temper, but that was not an issue here. We managed to calm Milla, and talk to Matheo in a sensible manner. Fortunately it ended well, and we had a pleasant evening.

If you experience that the kids get you frustrated, angry or something like it, find a way to keep calm. If you do so, things will become easier during the difficult moments, as well as in the long term. Kids make mistakes, and I guarantee you that we adults to the same. That is easy to forget!

Matheo had a great lawyer!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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