Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vacation to Spain - Part 3 - Swimming and Stuff

Swimming and sunbathing is the most important part of any vacation to a 'summer country' further south than Norway. In Norway we call this 'Syden'. Luckily we had a swimming pool very close to the apartment, and an awesome beach only a three minute drive away. In other words: Amazing!

The pool was pretty big, with a great splashpool for the smallest ones (which shared water with the biggest pool....) The best part about the pool was that Matheo learned how to swim in it! I thought that was a lot of fun! The picture below of Matheo taking 'The Bomb' is taken early on the trip. By the end of the trip he didn't need them anymore. Feeling proud of him! 

A Seagull shat all over Thomas!

I must admit that I prefer the beach over the pool. It just feels so nice to swim in the ocean, and lie down on the sandy beach. Magical! There were some pretty big waves out there, that made the swimming even more enjoyable.

Sand and beach was a new concept for Timmy. He ate so much that he trew up. He learned from his mistakes, and stopped doing that. He also thought the water was a bit scary in the beginning, så he clung onto Liv-Kristin and me. It got better after a while.

I found my own muscle beach!

 Have you ever seen such a long mang enjoy himself so much in the shallow water as Thomas did here?!

The pool closed every night at 22.00. We wondered a bit on how they were going to apply this rule, but quickly found out one day we were taking an evening swim. When we were done swimming and wanted to go out, the door was locked. It was 22.02, but still too late. We had to jump over the fence like some teenage prank kids. We felt kind of young this night. Cause we are young, Thomas? Of course we are! 

No more excuses! Push push push! 

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