Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - The year of Robust Dad and Baketerapi

2016 will be the best year ever for the Bjerkøe family! Why is that, you might ask? Well, every year has been even more awesome that the last, so 2016 is bound to be the best so far!

2015 was a good year. Short summary:
We moved to Moss, closer to Liv-Kristin's family, and where she grew up. This meant we got our own house, which is pretty cool! Matheo started in a new school, Milla changed kindergarten, and Timmy started in kindergarten in the autumn. I had my paternity leave with Timmy from April to August! Liv-Kristin appeared in the cooking show Kakekrigen, and came in 2nd place!!! I got more responsibility at work, and I'm currently the Sales Manager for Sony Electronics in Norway. 

The blog has been on hiatus the last few months, and the easiest explanation for that is that I haven't had the extra energy to 'create' blog posts in the evenings. Work has been pretty heavy the last few months. Luckily, things are changing to the positive in the office. We have hired new people and responsibilities have changed, which lessens my load quite a bit.

The plan is to start blogging again now about my workouts, diet, family, and whatever might interest me that day. Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (Snap ID: rbjerkoe) as well. Make sure to visit Liv-Kristin's blog, Baketerapi also. 

Oh, and since it's the 1st of January today: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

No more excuses! Push push push!

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