Monday, January 18, 2016

Ice Skating with the Kids

The other the whole family went out to the local ice skating place. It's a school soccer field that they spray with water during the winter. Matheo and Milla got ice skates last year, so it was finally time to learn it properly.

I have never been god at ice skating myself, and now I don't have skates, so Liv-Kristin was the one that dared out on the ice.

It's remarkable to see how fast kids learn. When we came, they could barely stand up, and they fell all the time. By the time we left they could manage on their own.

We learned a cool little trick, and that was to bring a foldable IKEA chair out onto the ice to stand behind. That way the kids could learn how to push away on the skates and skate properly, before they learn the balancing. You can also use a soda box (bruskasse).

Timmy just walked around, being cold. Tried to eat a bolle with gloves, but with little success. Timmy and I ended up sledding down a little hill, which you can see in the video below.

Have you every seen a more nonchalant kid sledding? Me neither. :-P

No more excuses! Push push push!

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