Sunday, January 24, 2016

Include Legs In Your Workout Routine!

One of the most hilarious things I see, are "bodybuilders" with skinny legs. People who have skipped leg days their whole life. One thing is that it looks ridiculous, another is that they are cheating themselves for a ton of gains and health benefits.

Your legs contain the largest muscles in your body, and they are also the ones with the most potential. The biggest bodybuilders have a larger circumference around one thigh than I have around my waist! Sick!

Nils Fredrik squats in a regular stance with a high bar

Nils Fredrik has good technique. The picture doesn't give him full justice, since he usually goes below parallel.
Squats are one of the core exercises that any one that works out should include in their weekly routine. Doing squats also strengthens your back and core. You become a stronger and healthier person by doing squats (correctly) than only sticking to leg presses and other leg machines at the gym. For a proper instruction on how to do squats, you should go to, and check out the squat tutorial by Dr. Layne Norton!

Psyching myself up for squats! 

I squat with the bar positioned lower on the back. 

Squats with the bar low makes you go a bit forward, and makes it tougher to reach parallel. However, I feel much more comfortable with that bar position. 

There are several ways to differentiate how you squat. You can position your feet wide or narrow, have the bar high or low, and you can even position the bar in front. I prefer a regular stance which is fairly narrow and the bar positioned low. I still try to reach proper depth at the bottom of the exercise, but it can be tough.

My recommendation of the week is to include legs in your weekly workout routine, and preferably squats!

No more excuses! Push push push!


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